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The Basic Hospital Management Application (BHIMA) is an open source hospital management application designed to manage hospitals in the third world. It is developed by the nonprofit IMA World Health to meet the needs of hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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BHIMA's vision is to equip hospital administrators with easy access to accurate financial, medical, and logistical information. It is intended to be lightweight, simple to use, and follow closely with the daily activities of patient registration, invoicing, and payment processing. BHIMA is multi-language and multi-currency by design, and easily extensible to new languages and currencies. Finally, BHIMA should have a low installation cost. Any client with a recent web browser should be able to access the server, and the server runs comfortably on a Raspberry Pi. Ideally, the software will scale from a single laptop to tens of clients across a large network.


The software contains the following components:

This software is currently running in three hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two installations began as single Raspberry Pi servers with a couple clients, though one of them has graduated to an Intel NUC server and tens of clients. If you would like to install BHIMA locally, please consult our Installation Guide. Alternatively, you can try the online demo.

If you are interested in using BHIMA, drop us a line at Are you a developer? Give us a shout on Github. If nothing else, spread the word!